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Argentina Business & Investment Forum 2016

Updated date: 19/07/2016

September 12th to 15th. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Forum will be a major milestone in the implementation of President Mauricio Macri’s business and investment reform, supporting Argentina’s goal to increase Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and re-launch itself as a significant emerging economy.


- Demonstrate the progress of Argentina’s ambitious economic reform program.

- Enable new conversations, ideas and opportunities about the future of Argentina’s prosperity.

- Highlight the untapped potential and opportunities of Argentina’s key economic sectors.

- Close financing gaps to support sustainable and inclusive growth.

- Firmly position Argentina as an attractive destination on the global investment map.

- Showcase Argentina’s robust entrepreneurial ecosystems and present its leading innovators to a global audience.


A unique platform and unrivalled access to policy-makers, allowing investors and business leaders to discover Argentina’s opportunities first-hand.

Landmark event: Unprecedented level of national and global representation, across both the business and political world.

First mover advantage: Participants can “get in on the ground floor” in a country with enormous investment opportunities that stem from its size, diversified economy, educated population and natural resources.

Networking opportunities: Time for delegates to mingle freely, discuss policies and explore investment opportunities.

Deep dive into attractive investment opportunities: Sectoral Roundtables focused on strategic sectors where participants can engage with Ministers, local private sector leaders, and investment banks.


For further information press here or visit the webpage: www.argentinaforum2016.com



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