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Government of Argentina Announces Argentina Business & Investment Forum during September in Buenos Aires

Updated date: 17/05/2016

Argentina will host the Argentina Business & Investment Forum in Buenos Aires from September 12-14, 2016. The event will highlight Argentina’s determination to attract foreign direct investment as part of its path towards long-term and inclusive economic growth.

The Forum will be a major milestone in the implementation of President Mauricio Macri’s business and investment reforms, which seek to attract foreign investment in each of the next four years. Attracting leading figures from the private and public sector, the Argentina Business & Investment Forum will present a clear and ambitious vision for Argentina’s future and position the country as an attractive destination on the global investment map.

Announcing the Forum, President Macri described the event as an opportunity to lay out the strategies for invigorating the country’s key economic sectors and presenting attractive opportunities to local, regional, and global investors.

“Argentina has decided to take its place in the global landscape. We need global companies to invest in our high-potential energy, agribusiness, technology and communications sectors as well as finance and construct roads and ports. Argentina offers one of the most attractive investment opportunities in the world over the next decade,” said President Macri. “Attracting foreign direct investment this year will be pivotal for our country’s growth and for the creation of jobs and opportunities for the people of Argentina.”

The newly formed Argentina Investment and Trade Promotion Agency will be leading the organization of the Argentina Business & Investment Forum. “We have ambitious goals for transformative investments in many key sectors and infrastructure. Due to the very significant interest Argentina is experiencing from global companies and investors we have decided to organize the Argentina Business & Investment Forum. This forum will be an ideal opportunity for leading global investors to see for themselves the enormous opportunities our country offers, and better integrate Argentina with the global economy” said Juan M. Procaccini, head of the Agency.

The Forum will serve as a platform for discussions, debates, presentations and high-level meetings between Argentinean business and government leaders and international investors and partners, with the goal of stimulating foreign direct investment into the country and securing public-private partnerships.

An additional dedicated forum day for SMEs, Innovation & Entrepreneurship will be held on September 15.

More information: www.ArgentinaForum2016.com

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